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Sometimes we all suffering from poor sleep quality, stress, anxiety and other sleeping problems. Due to our busy lifestyle. But I have a Herbal & Natural solution for all these problems. Recently I started using I’m wholesome Sleep delight drink. Sleep Delight helps to relax your mind, giving you a peaceful sleep every night. This is 100% natural, free of any harmful chemicals and safe to consume regularly. It is made from premium quality herbs and spice mix and which helps get better sleep boosts your immune system and promotes a healthy life.

What is Wholesome?

It means favourable to the health of mind or body. Wholesome implies a positive contribution to a healthy condition. Wholesome is Something (or someone) of such pure and radiant energy. Wholesome foods are the ones that your body appreciates, the ones that help you stay healthy. The wholesome product embodies real, natural and pure ingredients connecting Mother Nature to your health and happiness. They keep their products free from harmful chemicals to give you a purely wholesome choice for a peaceful sleep and active life. “Purely MADE IN INDIA”

PRICE- INR 529/-



Turmeric is an ancient spice having anti-inflammatory properties and works miraculously to cure variety of mental disorders viz. anxiety, sleeplessness, exhaustion. It helps you slip into a deep sleep faster.


Ashwagandha offers incredible sleep benefits by reducing the secretion of stress hormone Cortisol, thus relaxing the mind. This is a brilliant herb which makes one feel calm and restful, the two essential things required to sleep well.


Cinnamon is another amazing spice which helps improve body resistance against infections, aids digestion and gives a sound sleep. It has a distinct spicy and flavoursome aroma that helps people to not just sleep well but also wake up feeling refreshed and energetic the next day.


Nutmeg helps reduce stress, anxiety, indigestion and more importantly enhances sleep. You can be sure of a very restful sleep from this traditional spice.


Sarpgandha is a very useful medicinal plant containing alkaloids which help in reducing high blood pressure or hypertension that can cause sleeping issues.


Tagar is a highly beneficial herb which helps to calm down the brain activity and relaxes the mind. It has effective Vata balancing properties which in turn helps induce a sound sleep.


Jethimadh is an exceptional health promoting herb which acts as a mild laxative. It is useful in curing gastric problems, reduces indigestion, and other digestive issues which interfere with a restful sleep.


  • Reduces anxiety and stress and gives you a calming effect
  • It helps you achieve an uninterrupted, deep sleep
  • Balances sleep cycles
  • A blend of active herbal ingredients
  • Herbal Product, No side effects, safe for daily use
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • GMP certified


• Add 1 scoop(included) Sleep Delight powder in warm milk/water 30 mins before your planned bedtime every night.
• Add honey/jaggery to suit your taste.


I don’t have insomnia and anxiety, but due to work pressure and my busy schedule, getting a good nights sleep is sometimes a challenge. I can’t sleep properly at night, next morning I feel sleepy and exhausted. I stare at the ceiling, mind racing, with a good night’s sleep feeling more like a distant dream with every passing second for me. I have never slept so consistently before the use of this product! I always slept only 4 to 5 hours a night waking up during the night. This product used consistently has given me wonderful nights sleep..6 to 7 hours each night. My experience is good with this supplement. This supplement works well on my depression time also. I would recommend sleep delight for Calmful Sleep! The herbal flavorr, I enjoy the taste.
its fragrance like ancient herbs. After getting a full night’s sleep, I feel fresh every day and also feel healthy. I love this stuff. Highly recommend it for people with a sleep disorder.