Are you one of those constantly tossing and turning in bed the whole night? Many people experience difficulty getting a sound sleep at night. But a good night's sleep is quintessential for good health and overall fitness.

According to recommendations for a National Sleep Policy in India, 'The prevalence of sleep disorders in India is high. A study has pegged the percentage of insomnia to be as high as 33% among adults in India. The impact of sleep deprivation on health is deep and extensive. Daytime sleepiness in adults can lead to reduced productivity.'

Over the years, a lot of research has been conducted in sleep medicine, and generated a lot of interest particularly among neurologists and other speciality experts like psychiatry, gynaecologists, and other physicians. In our country, there are many sleeping supplements available in the market.

Types of Sleeping Aids

  • Over-the-counter prescription medicines and
  • Natural sleeping products.

Why choose Natural Supplements over Sleeping Pills

Natural sleeping supplements are considered a better alternative to the traditional sleeping pills. Here are some of the key factors one should consider while choosing the best sleeping aids for you.

Side Effects

Natural sleep products are made from natural herbs, extracts and plants. So one of the advantages of organic products over sleeping drugs is that have fewer complications or no side effects because they are based on natural and ancient science. On the other hand, there are potential side effects of sleeping pills such as - headache, dizziness, daytime drowsiness, gastrointestinal problems and sometimes severe allergic reactions.

Dependence Risk

Natural supplements help to correct your sleeping cycle. They are better than popping a pill which eventually forms a habit. After stopping to use the sleeping drugs, the person experiences more difficulty falling asleep. Dependence risk is higher in case of counter prescriptions and low in natural herbal products.

Providing Solutions

Over the counter sleeping medicines may be a good short-term solution. The sleeping pills focuses on reducing the symptoms and treating them. While herbal sleep products are effective over a long-term. Being close to nature, they provide a holistic healing approach rather than just targeting the symptoms and promotes optimal health of a person.

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  • Helps in Sound Sleep - Herbal mix formulation eases anxiety, reduces stress and encourages a deep relaxing sleep at night.
  • Promote overall health - Other than sleep benefits, products made from natural ingredients aids in digestion, strengthens immunity and detoxifies body leading to overall well-being of the individual.
  • Wake up Refreshed - Helps you fall asleep faster and enjoy a peaceful sleep the whole night to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning with boosted energy to continue the next day.

So if you wish to sleep like a baby and wake up with renewed energy, try our natural sleep product which will not only keep all your sleeping troubles at bay but will also help you in achieving an active lifestyle.